Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
8 items
Alkali Content
Alkali Free
Outer Diameter
Gram Weight
80g-420g or Customized
Mesh Size
5-16mm or Customized
Plain or Leno
Wax Paper, Black Paper, Non-Woven Fabric
Alkali out
Humidity Resistance
Transport Package
Min 70-74, Max 401-403, Min260g-Max330g
Production Capacity

Product Description

Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
The fiberglass grinding wheel reinforced mesh is made of fiberglass cloth coated with phenolic resin and dried and punched, and covered with non-woven fabric and black paper when needed. It has excellent tensile strength and flexural resistance and good heat resistance when cutting, it has good combination with abrasive. It is the best reinforcing base material for various resin grinding wheels.

Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble

Since outer circle and inner hole are punched with one-step molding technology, the mesh pieces are same in size, equal in concentricity, and bright in appearance
Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
Grinding wheels made of this reinforcing mesh have advantages like good thermal endurance, high strength, light weight and high-speed cutting performance.

Improvement of wetting agrnt:
Improved the formula for glass fiber wetting agent,switch from resinoid bond for C-glass to  Epoxy resin, provide faster impregnate speed and 
better consistency of phenolic resin ,make a better conglutination performance with phenolic resin.

Improved  the  performance  in  spinning  and  weaving,especially  for  thick  yarn  without  twist,reduce  the  damnification  on yarns during textile process so that to achieve better reinforce effect of glassfiber discs.

Amprovement of weaving technique:
Weaving from yarns without twist:  Reduce the  damnification on yarns  during textile  process so that to  achieve  better reinforcement  for  glassfiber  discs;  Theoretically  speaking,yarns  without  twist  will  be  thinner  than  coalition  yarns,could  reduce the thickness of glassfiber discs  (under data analysis),beneficial to thin or  ultrathin grinding wheels.
New weaving technique:  reduce the damnification on warp yarns during coalition  process,  uniform the tensile strength from  warp  and  fill  direction  ,make  better  reinforcement  for  glassfiber discs.Also,the  new  weaving  technique  can  help  reduce the  thickness  of  products.

Use of product:
Fiberglass cut pieces reinforce resin bond grinding wheel by single-layer or multi-way,in order to meet the requirment of auto-    matic production equipment for wheels,usually use wax paper as seperator which should be removed while producing. Consid-  ering differences of the erviroment condition and storage between our plant and clients,to achieve the best result of use by resulating and humidity of production enviroment and controlling hardness and softness of fiberglass cut pieces.

Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble

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Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble

Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble
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Alkaline Resistant Roofing Fiberglass Mesh for Marble


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