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Jiangsu Xiangbai Fiber Co., Ltd. is excited to introduce our Fiberglass Filament Tape! Our high-quality tape is made from fiberglass filaments and a strong adhesive that provides maximum strength and durability. It is specially designed to provide excellent resistance against water, solvents, and oils, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Our fiberglass filament tape is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion properties. It is perfect for packaging, bundling, and sealing different types of materials. Additionally, it provides extra security to your packages, preventing them from opening during transport or storage.

We take pride in our product quality, and that's why we ensure that our fiberglass filament tape adheres to quality standards set in the industry. Our tape is available in different sizes, and we can customize it according to your specific requirements.

Trust Jiangsu Xiangbai Fiber Co., Ltd. for your fiberglass filament tape needs. Get in touch with us today and experience top-quality products and excellent customer service!

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Introducing Fiberglass Filament Tape, the ultimate tool for securing and bundling objects with utmost stability. This robust tape is made up of fiberglass filaments that provide excellent reinforcement for packaging and carton sealing. Its high tensile strength, resistance to tearing, splitting, and fraying makes it a perfect choice for heavy-duty applications.

Fiberglass Filament Tape is designed to withstand even the most challenging environments. It can work efficiently in extreme temperatures, moisture, and humidity without losing its adhesive strength. The tape also boasts of a superior adhesive layer that ensures a secure grip, making it ideal for long-term storage or shipping.

This tape is easy to use and can be quickly applied by hand or dispenser. Its fiberglass filaments are positioned strategically in bi-directional patterns that offer greater resistance against impacts. The tape’s clear construction allows for easy visibility of markings or labels on the packaging.

Fiberglass Filament Tape is your go-to solution when you need to secure and protect your packages, whether it’s a small carton or a heavy wooden crate. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for businesses in the manufacturing and transportation industries. So, turn to Fiberglass Filament Tape for a reliable and long-lasting sealing solution.

Highly durable and versatile, this fiberglass filament tape is perfect for reinforcing and bundling heavy-duty items. A must-have in any toolbox!

Ms. Nancy Ge

Fiberglass Filament Tape is a sturdy and durable product. It meets all expectations for bundling heavy items. The adhesive is strong and holds up well to various conditions. Highly recommended!

Mr. Robert Du

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